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Unsure what to do to your website to make it seem? Does the idea of SEO freak you out?

In this post we talk you through the five most important things you need to do to your website for SEO. You may see SEO as walk through a very dark forest without an ending, and you’d be right to a degree but SEO is an art.

Think of SEO like a huge every changing puzzle that when right looks amazing but without just one piece looks incomplete.

Website optimization is key if you want to be seem on the internet and not pay to play, as in Google ads or Pay Per Click.

I can not stress this enough. Please don’t just do nothing. Even if you just do these five small things then at least you are on your way to getting more organic traffic.

An SEO Consultant doesn’t have to cost the earth and can really be the difference between only a hundred clicks a month to thousands.

Google Console

Submitting your sitemap to Google is one of the most important things you can do to make sure that you’re being ranked. Depending on your website platform, you can submit your sitemap to Google so it knows exactly how to rank you.

The Google-bots don’t have to work so hard or guess at what your site is about or how it’s arranged.

It’s not official but sometimes submitting your site map to Google Console means that you can get searched and ranked quicker.

See, most search engines including Google don’t crawl your website every day. It could be hourly or it could be once every six months. No one knows. By submitting your sitemap you can increase your chance!

Google Console also shows you loads of vital information direct from Google. It shows you what keywords you’re ranking for, errors it sees and your mobile ranking. These things are all easy fixes and can really help you jump ahead of your competition.


You could be writing the best content in the world and no one would read it due to keywords.

Keywords in your content work in a range of amazing ways. They inform Google what your site or content is about and helps to keep it relevant compared to your competition.

By making sure your keywords are grouped in the right way you really need a SEO Expert. While some tools can do this for you, most SEO Consultants will group keywords together based on search volume, relevance and search results.

The issue with hitting the top of your chosen keywords is, that you never stay there. Many factors come into SEO and ranking including what your competition are doing.

Making sure you are grouping keywords together means that your content is structured and easy to pull up for Google when a user types in that search term. Think about it. Google wants to please the user and give them the right results first time.

Grouping keywords can also help you to:

  • Find which keyword out of that group is ranking better. Do you need to re-write the content piece to match that keyword? Is the group still working for you and ranking high?
  • To know what to write. It may seem boring writing for SEO but it really can make a difference in the longer term.
  • You can find a high volume keyword that is relevant with it’s group and use it on your home page.

Keeping grouped keywords together is no simple task. Many people use Excel or Trello when they find a group that works for them.

Remember though that the keyword volume and ranking changes daily. While it could be a high traffic driver today doesn’t mean that it is tomorrow. SEO is an ongoing and every changing thing.

Make Changes Regularly

Google loves sites that make constant changes. They only want to show their audience the most up to date and best sites.

Making sure you or your SEO Consultant monitors what’s happening in accordance with Google and then making the correct changes is vital to keeping your ranking.

There’s tools that can help alert you to changes including if you’re being hacked. We use SE Ranking which scans and tracks any changes from the last scan.

Competitor Analysis

Making sure you stay ahead of your competition is vital when it comes to SEO regardless of your long term aims.

There’s loads of tools that can track what your competitor is doing. We use a range of tools including Ahrefs and SEMrush.

They monitor what any changes that your competitor is making and helps you to discover good quality traffic sources. It’s not about outsmarting pre sa, it’s more about making sure you aren’t left behind.

Site Speed

It may seem small but search engines use site speed as a big factor when it comes to ranking. Having a slow site speed on desktop and mobile can mean the difference between a top three slot with your chosen keyword to being on page five.

You can use Google’s own Site Speed Tool to show you how quick your site is and what needs fixing.

No matter if your business is local, national or international, SEO can really help you gain more visibility. It’s certainly not a quick fix and can take anything from three to six months for you to be able to see any real changes. Investing in SEO can really help your business grow through our SEO strategy.