A female led SEO internet marketing consultant based in Hampshire

Who we are.

Right now it's just me, Laura Light and a freelance Virtual Assistant that handles all my admin. (Can't be good at everything, right?!) I have over 10 years experience in the online world working with some big names to help them jump in the rankings and see more online growth.




What we do.

SEO Marketing Plan

Nothing is left to chance when it comes to SEO. We start by doing an SEO Audit on your current site so we know exactly what Google and other search engines see. This includesOn-Page SEO like content, keyword rankings, Meta and Images then Off-Page including site speed and backlinks to increase your Domain Authority.


We lay it all out simply. You can then tale our SEO Audit away and implement it yourself or we can help you gain more targeted traffic to your website. This could include anything from hitting local or national keywords to content planning, landing pages and link building. 


There's more to SEO then just making sure you rank for your chosen keywords. Did you know that the search engines also look for site speed, usability of your site, images and meta descriptions? We really can offer you the whole package and get you ranking with the big guns!


Pay Per Click marketing and Landing Pages can play a bit part in SEO. If you have all the basics in place then let's go full throttle into making sure your traffic converts into sales.

How we work.

1 We start by doing an SEO Audit on your current site. This involves finsing out everything from your current ranking for your top 20 keywords to site speed, backlinks and ranking visibility. You'll receive this as a PDF to keep and at this point you can walk away or start this amazing journey with us!

2 Now the fun starts! We find out what your aim is for your business is and go for it! We list the top 5 - 10 things that are stopping you ranking within the top 3 slots for your chosen key words. This could mean On-Page SEO or Off-Page SEO which includes backlinks and Domain Authority.

3 We give you monthly reports to show how your traffic, ranking and visibility is going. SEO isn't a quick fix but you can see clearly what's working and do some competitor analysis to continue to see growth. SEO is an ever changing force so we keep mapping out and making chnages accordingly.